Enter Our FEBRUARY GIVEAWAY For A Chance To Win A $500 Amazon Gift Card, Kitchen Aid Mixer, Amazon FireHD Tablet & Amazon Echo 2nd Gen!

Over $900 Value!

4 Winners


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 1st Place - ( $500 ) Amazon Gift Card 

The first place winner will receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card to spend on whatever you may choose!

 2nd Place - Kitchen Aid Mixer - *Any Color* ( $279 )

The second place winner will receive a Kitchen Aid Tilt Head Mixer in ANY COLOR that you decide will fit best in your kitchen!

 3rd Place - Amazon FireHD Tablet 8" ( $79 )

The third place winner will receive an Amazon FireHD Tablet 8" 16gb in ANY COLOR you like the best!

 4th Place - Amazon Echo 2nd Gen ( $49 )

The fourth place winner will receive an Amazon Echo 2nd Gen!